Customer Loyalty…Is it really that important?

Customer Loyalty…Is it really that important?

When one thinks of customer loyalty, What comes to mind?

Nigel Botterill a British entrepreneur who believes that without customer loyalty your business will not succeed.  His recent seminar titled ‘loving your customers’ explains in simple terms why customer loyalty should not be ignored as it can be detrimental to your company.

Good customer service is very uncommon in today’s society, but when it is, the benefits can be amazing to that business. Any form of good customer service not only gets the customer talking but brings them back.  Nigel states that if ‘20 customers don’t like your service, 19 won’t bother to tell you and 14 of that 20 will just take their future custom elsewhere.’ With good customer service this can be avoided and the power is in your hands.

No business wants their customers to go elsewhere; however, if a customer is not happy with the service provided, they will not hesitate to go to your competitors. Not only do you want the customer to be satisfied, you want them to be loyal and exclusive to your company only. The Botty Rules written by Nigel excellently explains the difference between satisfied and loyal. ‘Satisfied customers will shop anywhere, loyal customers won’t go anywhere else, and will encourage others to buy you as well.’ It’s pretty straight forward; good customer service equals loyal customers.

Not only will you see a change in your customer’s attitude when given good customer service, they will continue to come back time and time again. With three simple steps, one can improve their business prospects. Step one, initiate a good customer service plan, step two, implement it to your customers, step three always smile. Excellently stated by Nigel, ‘your friendliness and willingness to help is in direct proportion to your success.’  That extra bit of effort can go a very long way.

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