Sabine Lohmann

Dr Sabine Lohmann

Whether you own a retail business, offer a service or are part of a large corporation we lead you to a winning marketing strategy with solutions that can be implemented immediately.

With passion for consumers and a tremendous amount of knowledge about the industry we can build on your individual needs. With more than 17 years experience in the field we are equipped to help your business succeed even during difficult economic climates.
Our tools are consumer research methodologies that we adapt to meet your objectives. For large corporations we offer independent advice and our research proposal will deliver results that can be directly implemented into your marketing strategy. For midsized businesses and where required we offer training and consultancy sessions to evaluate steps to success.

  • Is your innovation strategy up to date?
  • Are your products not selling and you are not sure why?
  • Are you a successful business ready to grow and you are in the process of developing a winning strategy?
  • Are you planning to expand into a new geographical location and you are looking at different consumer expectations?
  • Is your portfolio ready for a spring clean?

Whatever the question we are a team of experts covering many fields and we are here to help you achieve your goals.
Whether is it branding, reputation, consumer expectations, finding a market niche, understanding consumer expectations or you are in need of an overall business assessment, we are here to help, support, advise, innovate and create.

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